The world’s first in one piece 3D printed bathtub

Dutch interior company Dekker, in collaboration with circular supply company Triboo, developed a prototype of a circular bathtub, 3D printed from thermoplastic rubber.

The design of the tub is inspired by the sea and marine life, amongst which Sessilia, a type of barnacle without stalks, after which the bathtub is named. A parametric structure of hexagons functions as the legs of the bath.

The freestanding bath is made from thermoplastic rubber without any additives in various tones of blue, which is completely recyclable. According to Dekker, the rubber feels nice on your skin and moves with the shape of your body. The bath has a raised rim for privacy and rest.

A robotic arm with a 3D printing nozzle printed the bathtub in 24 hours, with a speed of 15 cm per second by the company 3D Robotprinting. The tub consist of 500 layers and is double walled for extra insulation and stability.

The bathtub is currently on display at ISH Novelty Show in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, until 22.00h today.

Photos: Dekker / Triboo