3D printed furniture made from Belgian plastic waste

Belgian designer Joachim Froment created a furniture collection called Strat, which is made by 3D printing locally collected plastic waste.

The collection, which includes stools, lounge chairs, tables, etc., is made entirely of local recycled plastic. The furniture pieces are printed on a 3D printer by Colosus that is integrated in a container and can therefore easily be transported to locally produce furniture anywhere.

“The aim of this project is to create products made of local recycled materials destined to be sold on a local market and offering a service to recycle the products in order to close the loop and participate entirely to a circular economic system,” Froment comments. “This way of design together with the technology could compete with current industrial processes offering a potential new form of industrialization with adaptable custom made products and offering a potential new way to create sustainable objects at an affordable price.”

The pieces can each be printed in less than 2 hours reusing a minimum of amount of plastic granulate.

The closed loop shape of the furniture pieces is adding mechanical strength to the structure, and it is printed continuously without interruption to save time and money. The collection’s soft curves are both for aesthetic reasons, to evoke lightness, as well as improving the mechanical properties. They are essential to reinforce the structure of the product.

The products are available from November on the Benelux market and will extend its production in Europe in the next coming months by exporting the production.

Photos: Eline Willaert / MAD, Home of Creators