Customisable 3D printed furniture made of bio-resin

US start-up Model No. developed a line of 3D printed furniture, all fully customisable and made of bio-resin and sustainably sourced hardwoods.

The debut line consists of five products, consisting of a side table, and occasional table, planter, a vase, and a bin. Each has a 3D printed sculptural base form made of bio-resins derived from plants (PLA). The tables have table tops and bases made of sustainably sourced hardwood. The table tops can easily be removed, allowing the table to double as a storage unit.

The company’s goal is to put custom-made, eco-friendly design within the reach of everyone. The base forms of the furniture and accessories are based on nature, and allow a gradient colour scheme. These forms can be manipulated online by the customer using real-time visualisation tools, adjusting the size, shape, contours and curves, colours, and hardwood surfaces to make a unique item to their taste.

Every item is made to order in a manufacturing process designed to minimise waste, hand-finished, and individually numbered in Model No.’s headquarters in Oakland, California.

A second product launch including a full-size dining table is planned for later this month.

Photos: Model No.