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3D printed lamps made from recycled fishnets

A subdivision of Signify, Philips MyCreation are small regional 3D printing hubs that 3D print lamps from filament made of recycled fishing nets.

Fishing nets are made of very tough nylon, but have a short life span of only 3-6 months, because they break or become cloudy and no longer catch enough fish. Often, broken nets are seen as useless and either end up on the landfill, or worse, are left behind, creating dangerous ‘ghost nets’ in the ocean.

The filament is developed by the UK-based company Fishy Filaments. Their polymer blends are 100% recycled without added pigments or other modifiers. The nets, collected in Cornwall, are sorted according to colour and wear, and processed separately.

Using this filament, Philips MyCreation created the Coastal Breeze collection, a variety of lamps in gradual blue hues. The lamps are printed on request.

Photos: Philips MyCreation via DDW