A 3D printed stainless steel architectural structure

Developed by AirLab at Singapore University of Technology and Design, AirMesh is said to be the world’s first architectural structure made of 3D printed components in stainless steel.

A polyhedron with four rectangular view frames, the pavilion offers a view of Gardens by the Bay, where it is located. It was designed sing a custom parametric tool that optimises the topology of the frame, the section of the bars and the geometry of the node to create the most efficient structural design.

The lightweight pavilion consists of 216 bars of different lengths and sections and 54 unique nodal joints, 3D printed in a steel and bronze alloy. Rather than 3D printing the entire structure, which would have been expensive, the pavilion combines 3D printed components with standard elements. The threads inside the nodes were 3D printed as well, to facilitate the assemblage with bolts concealed in the bars. Only hex keys of a different diameter were necessary to assemble the entire pavilion, which took two days by five people.

Photos: AirLab