3D printed Tiny Bauhaus travels around Europe

In honour of 100 years of Bauhaus, the Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus (DZT) commissioned Dutch architectural firm DUS Architects to print a tiny house called TINY [BAU]HAUS, in which you can experience the essence of Bauhaus through virtual reality. The tiny house will travel around Europe throughout the year.

The revolutionary school of Bauhaus was established 100 years ago, founded by Walter Gropius. The school’s ideas because an incredibly influential force in the fields of architecture, art, and craft.

To celebrate this occasion, the Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus asked DUS Architects to design a tiny house, because the Tiny House movement has strong similarities to the Bauhaus vision on forms on living in cities. The house is 3D printed by Aectual, following the Bauhaus ideas on using innovative techniques. TINY [BAU]HAUS is said to be made with sustainable and recyclable materials, but which materials exactly is unclear at the time of publication.

The house, with a surface area of just 8 square metres (86 square feet), has a functional design, and linear and geometric shape, which are typical Bauhaus features.

Inside the house, the locations of the Bauhaus, Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, can be seen, as well as the study of Walter Gropius, reconstructed using Virtual Reality technology.

The tiny house travels to various European cities and is currently on display in Marseille, France. Previous locations have been Paris, Rotterdam and Barcelona. Until October, the tiny house will be on display in Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Copenhagen.

TINY [BAU]HAUS isn’t DUS Architects’ first 3D printed house. For more other projects, click here and here.

Photos: DZT e.V. / Bram Willems