3D printing has landed

We’ve tracked and written about 3D printing (and even 4D!) for a long time now. This past week there’s been a flurry of activity all over the internet.

There’s so much happening in the world of 3D printing that it’s becoming mainstream. As the technology leaps ahead, designers are finding new ways to apply it. Here are some recent highlights.

Last week, Amsterdam based architects DUS presented their 3D printed canal house to the world. The house will be printed over the next 3 years in 15 segments that slot together.

After the first 3D printed gun, which was made with a polymer resin, a company in Texas has now 3D printed the first metal gun too, and it looks scarily serious.

Beautiful and less harmless examples exist too. Alessandro Zambelli crafted some gorgeous lamp shades with a PC based resin.

From perfectly shaped bras, and fashion accessories by Karim Rashid to designer sports shoes, there’s something for everyone around.

Back to construction, and a device for building in the desert, with the desert. The solar sintering machine focuses the sun’s heat to fuse sand into a silica-based material which is hard and durable enough to last for generations.

So, whether we use 3D printing for rapid prototyping or for heavy-duty structures, it is clear that the technology is finally gaining critical mass.

Last month, we celebrated our love for materials by sharing our special publication on 3D printing with you. In case you missed it, download your copy right here.