Forms by storms

German designer Johannes Hemann generates forms by storms, not the destructive forces of the winds, but energy-generating, as they can be seen in sand dunes or snow drift. an interference – plates, glasses, bottle and books – defining the space.

The forms were created using a ‘storm box’, Hemann’s process generates a series of random forms where no two pieces come out the same. While experimenting with different shapes and materials Hemann’s collection is currently made up of a chair (made from foam), a low table (made from cork) and a lamp (made from polypropylen filing and plexiglass granulate ). Storm boxes, in which the wind generates shapes as a result of simulated storms: with the help of compressed air, adhesives and heat, shapes are created because of interference effects which occur inside the box.

Only indirect influence can be exerted on the design of the individual shapes by changing the parameters such as material, heat, type of adhesive, wind direction or size of box.

At the end of the design process a shape has emerged; the material has survived the storm and stands as symbol of ‘the calm before the storm—the calm after the storm’.

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