A biodegradable waterproof coating for paper

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Researchers from the University of Tokyo developed a biodegradable and low-cost coating to make paper waterproof. Called Choetsu, the coating consists of a combination of materials that, when applied to paper, spontaneously generate a strong ...

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Plastic-free bandages made of merino wool

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Called Wool+Aid, these adhesive bandages plastic- and latex-free. Instead, they are made of merino wool and fully biodegradable. Many types of adhesive bandages are made of plastic or at least contain some plastic. Invented in ...

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A shoe made with algae polyurethane

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Called Blueview, this shoe is completely biobased and biodegradable, with a sole made of biobased polyurethane, made from algae. Blueview is a spinoff company of the University of California, where they invented a high-performance biodegradable ...

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A minimal beam with maximal strength

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The Minimass beam is a 3D printed reinforced concrete beam that uses less concrete and less steel than conventional beams. Minimass was developed by Andy Coward, founder of the company Net Zero Projects Limited. The ...

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‘Gym equipment’ made from recycled face masks

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Called Peso, which is Italian for weight, product designer Michela Pinazza created various weights and a punching bag using used disposable face masks to draw attention to the ‘weight’ plastic waste has on the environment. ...

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A recycled bridge

Published 3 weeks ago by Sigrid | no responses

Located in Oude IJsselstreek, the Netherlands, the so-called ‘(Oer)brug’ is made of steel of its predecessor, iron from demolition waste and environmentally friendly enhanced pinewood with a life expectancy of at least 50 years. The ...

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