Geometric earth blocks made with 3D printed moulds

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Students at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico developed a way to make earthen building blocks in various geometric shapes using 3D printed moulds. Called Terrablocks, the earthen blocks have varying geometries and textures, unlike traditional adobes, ...

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A fibreglass electric car with a wooden steering wheel

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Azulik Mobility and Roth Fablab developed a prototype electric car with no doors, a fiberglass body and a wooden steering wheel. Called EK, the prototype car has an open setting and a curving body that ...

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A stool made of sawdust and potato scraps

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Swiss designer Renaud Defrancesco designed a stool made of solely sawdust and scraps of potatoes, which is designed to be used as fuel for fire after use. Called the Briket stool, the piece of furniture ...

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Discover the Boundless Potential of Bamboo with “Booming Bamboo – Fully Revised Edition”

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MaterialDistrict is proud to announce the release of “Booming Bamboo – Fully Revised Edition“, authored by Pablo van der Lugt. This updated and expanded edition explores the remarkable versatility and sustainability of bamboo, presenting 30 ...

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Transparent bamboo

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Researchers at Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT) in China developed a way to make bamboo transparent, to use as a flame-retardant alternative for silica glass. Silica glass, the type of glass commonly ...

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A room divider made of wood and eggshell ceramics

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Dutch design studio Atelier LVDW designed a room divider, or wall object, made of wood and the studio’s eggshell ceramic material. Atelier LVDW’s eggshell ceramic material, which you can find in our collection here, is, ...

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