A 3D printed compostable lamp made from orange peels

Italian design studio Krill Design created a natural and compostable desk lamp called Ohmie, 3D printed from Sicilian orange peels.

Said to be the world’s first lamp made of orange peels, the desk lamp is made from a mix of orange peels and bio-based polymer derived from vegetal starches, which is said to be fully compostable. The peels are waste from the food industry. They are dried, ground into a powder and mixed with resin to make the filament. Because oranges are natural products, the colours of different batches can vary.

Aside from the electronic parts, the body of the lamp consists of a single piece. It has a height of 23 cm and weighs 150 gr. The lamp has a dimmable switch.

The lamp is printed through the disposition of one single steak of melted biomaterial filament in a continuous spiral movement. This gives the lamp a ribbed feel. The final design has little ‘dents’ reminiscent of an actual orange. Each piece contains two orange peels.

Ohmie is currently available on Kickstarter.

Photos: Krill Design