A 3D printed smart rain barrel

Dutch Studio Bas Sala developed a cloud-shaped smart rain barrel made of 3D printed recycled plastic, collected by the citizens of Rotterdam.

Due to climate change, extreme weather events are increasing. Longer periods of drought are alternated with heavy rain showers. Sewer systems cannot handle the large amounts of water and due to concrete and asphalt roads, the water cannot infiltrate into the ground.

Called Cloiq, the rain barrel is equipped with technical gadgets to maintain the ideal water level. Being connected to the internet, it saves up excess water to use during droughts. When extreme rainfall is expected, the barrel empties itself over time to create new buffer capacity. During dry periods, the saved up water can be used to water plants.

The rain barrel, currently the second prototype, was made in collaboration with local residents of Rotterdam. For several months, more than 100 residents of Rotterdam Noord have been collecting certain types of plastic (PP and HDPE) from their household waste. Participants received points for collecting, which they could use to receive goodies, like an apple tree or a T-shirt.

This plastic was shredded at Community Plastics and 3D printed by The New Raw. The cloud-shaped rain barrel is placed back in the neighbourhood where the plastic was collected.

Photos: Studio Bas Sala