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A 3D printed toilet you never have to clean

Researchers at the Huazhong University of Science in China developed a 3D printed toilet that is so slippery nothing sticks to it, even after abrasion.

Normally, there are things in a toilet that leave their mark, meaning it has to be cleaned every so often. The new 3D printed toilet, however, does not let anything stick to it, which means less cleaning, but also less water is needed for flushing.

The prototype of the toilet, which is smaller than an ordinary toilet, was 3D printed from a mixture of plastic and hydrophobic sand grains, which was fused together using a laser. The surface was then coated with a silicone oil that even penetrated beneath the surface,

To test the toilet, various substances were thrown into it, including muddy water, milk, yoghurt, honey, starch-filled gel, and synthetic feces. None of them stuck to the surface, even after it was sandpapered.

Image: Huazhong University of Science
Video via New Scientist