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A bamboo canopy

Created by Shanghai-based studio llLab, the pavilion is handwoven from multidirectional strips of bamboo to show the potential of bamboo in construction applications.

Called Bamboo Cloud, focuses on the relationships between inherent material properties and their potential applications beyond convention. Bamboo has been mainly applied on the scale of handcraft, followed by the recent popularisation of its use in sustainable buildings. However, according to the studio, the advantage of utilising bamboo has not been thoroughly understood, so most applications have remained superficial.

During prototyping, bamboo strips less than 5 mm thick and less than 5 cm wide are used to test the threshold for lightweight construction. The process places particular emphasis on the unique material properties of bamboo, which could potentially inspire a wider range of construction applications.

The structure was on show for Design Pavilion, an event by NYCxDesign, part of the programming for the city’s yearly architecture festival, Archtober, from 12 to 22 October.

Photos via llLab and NYCxDesign