A car rooftop module that cleans the air

Visualised by a designer team consisting of mechanical engineer Max Quast and product designer Francisco Lara, Reverso is a module-based product that cleans the air and can be installed on top of vehicles.

Poor air quality in cities is caused by particulate matter. 55 per cent of smog is caused by the wear of car brakes, tires and asphalt. Around 7 million deaths per year can be attributed to air pollution.

The Reverso module consists of multiple filters that are able to clean microparticles from the air, benefiting from the velocity and aerodynamics of the vehicle. It can clean the air in any part of the city, as it is attached to the rooftop of various types of vehicles. A single module is capable of filtering approximately 7,300,000 m3 of air per year.

The concept module will be built using natural fibre insulation, which is both rigid and lightweight. It contains no electronic parts and doesn’t influence the vehicle’s performance.

Images: Reverso via DDW