A ceiling made of paper tubes

India-based architectural studio Sanjay Puri Architects designed the 27th floor of a new office tower in Mumbai, India, using paper tubes in the ceiling.

The office required 6 cabins, conference and discussion rooms, and seating for 36 employees. The architect used various materials throughout the office. The 6m high partitions surrounding the central volume are made of wood and glass, with cane, jute, and fabric. The cabins beyond these partitions are sculpted in recycled plywood strips collected from various other sites. The tables, credenzas, and storage cabinets within the cabins are also constructed with plywood strips.

The ceiling of the central hall consists of a collage of paper tubes of different lengths and diameters. The tubes have been treated with a fire-retardant coating and are interspersed with tubular lights created especially for this office. The larger conference room has a paper tube light installation with different sized tubes suspended at varying heights.

Photos: Vinesh Gandhi via V2com