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A chair made of solid wool

British rug- and floor covering company Roger Oates Design uses low value wool to create Solidwool, a composite material similar to fiberglass. This material makes up the seat and back of the Hembury Chair.

The wool used in Solidwool is Herdwick, a breed farmed in the central and western Lake District. The wool has lost its value and is currently one of the lowest value wools in the UK. The wool is coarse and difficult to dye. Solidwool was developed in response to declining demand of this wool.

To make Solidwool, wool is mixed with bioresin to create a solid, dark grey composite material with the lighter guard hairs standing out.

The first product launched is the Hembury Chair. The chair has a seat and back made of one whole fleece of wool mixed with bioresin, and hand-turned ash legs. The chairs are made in Devon.

Images: Solidwool