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A CLT houseboat with a cork façade

Located in Leiden, the Netherlands, the houseboat Mans is made of CLT and features a cork façade.

CLT, or cross laminated timber, was used for the entire hosueboat. The walls and ceiling construction are visible. By continuing the plots in the ceiling and folding the roof, a stable construction is created and no supporting beams are required. This design saved 2000 kilos of wood. All prefab CLT parts fit on a single truck and were assembled in one day.

The cork façade consists of modules placed next to each other in a CNC cut sawtooth pattern, following the shape of the facades of the houses in the street. This way every window has the best view. Cork is a good material for facade cladding, as it breathes, is insulating, algae-resistant and acoustic.

The houseboat Mans was awarded Houseboat of the Year 2022.

Photos: Riccardo De Vecchi