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A distillery’s bar interior made of discarded distillery barrels

Shanghai-based interior design studio RooMoo used around 6,000 pieces of discarded wooden whiskey barrels to create the out- and indoor area of the whiskey bar Lai Zhou Bar.

The bar is an offshoot of Lai Zhou Distillery, a Chinese whiskey producer based in the Sichuan province. The building consists of a whisky tasting area, VIP room, bar area, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor seating area. The wood pieces as well as the barrel rings were used throughout the whole bar.

Each dismantled barrel piece is different in the curvature, width, length, and grain. The pieces were classified and applied in different positions.

On the outside of the building, pieces of the barrels have been placed horizontally to create a lattice- effect. Over the bar and tasting areas, a double-ring structure is formed made from discarded wooden barrel pieces. In the partition between the tasting area and the bar, the studio combined discarded metal rings and a part of the cut wood structure with holes. At the same time, the VIP room lighting is made of metal rings of discarded barrels.

Photos: RooMoo