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A facade robotically woven of carbon and glass fibres

For a new building at the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences, architectural studios Allmannwappner and Menges Scheffler Architekten created a façade that looks like a web made of robotically woven carbon and glass fibres.

The building, called Texoversum, is a new building of the university that functions as a teaching, research and innovation centre for cross-cutting technologies in the textile industry. Its façade took inspiration from its function.

Said to be the first of its kind, the façade consists of woven carbon and glass fibre tiles, made in a robotic winding process by start-up FibR. The individual tiles are tailor-made for their intended purpose. Each tile is designed on the basis of five templates and arranged to follow the path of the sun, creating a unique, multi-layered appearance, providing n unobscured view of the surroundings while also providing protection against the sun. All of the tiles are self-supporting and do not require a separate load-bearing frame.

Photos: Brigida Gonzalez / FibR