A Floating Facade by LAB3d

This entirely floating facade created with the latest in 3d printing technology by LAB3d.

In a project for DeltaSync this super lightweight, yet energy efficient façade was 3D printed at a very high resolution, allowing for the integration of insulation, window frames and even piping. It utilizes a special connection system for smaller 3D printed objects, including plug-like connectors and spring systems which are virtually impossible to create without the use of 3D printing.

LAB3d has also teamed with the company called Henkel to develop and test different adhesives for adhering PLA to itself.

“High-resolution printing allows for the integration of construction, all types of piping, window frames (and such), and even thermal insulation in one material,”they explain. “Common insulation materials like mineral wool doesn’t add strength to the building. The printed wall has an outer and inner shell of 4 millimeter with a honeycomb structure in between. This honeycomb structure not only gives the façade it’s necessary strength and stiffness, but has fine insulating properties as well.”