A foamless, modular mattress

Design studio LAYER designed a foamless, modular mattress for start-up sleep brand MAZZU, comprising of springs wrapped in 3D knitted textile.

Commonly, mattresses are made of polyurethane (PU) foam, which is both a concern for the environment as it is for our health. Approximately 60 million metric tons of mattresses are discarded worldwide annually. More than 90 per cent of mattress components are not recyclable. In addition to PU foam being energy intensive to produce, it also emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to our health.

The new mattress by LAYER is made by assembling modular pocket springs, which are comprised of an hourglass spring wrapped in a seamless, two-tone 3D knit textile, and a recyclable connecting system. The springs are available in three different tensions, firm, medium and soft, to allow users to build a mattress to suit their sleeping position.

The individual spring modules are attached together with a secure “snap-fit” connection and combined with a base matrix and cushion topper to create a versatile mattress that can be configured and repaired as needed to fit all frame sizes in every country.

The MAZZU mattress is made from biobased and recycled materials, including organic wool, recycled polyester, natural latex and recyclable polymers, while eliminated the use of glue and foam.

The modules can be compressed from a height of 250 mm to just 50 mm, allowing for efficient shipping and convenient storage in a compact, reusable packaging system, also designed by LAYER.

Images: LAYER