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A Hi-Fi system made of recycled HDPE

Israel-based designer Lori Amsterdam designed a HIFI system called Plasti Fantasti, which is made of CNC milled and folded sheets of recycled HDPE plastic.

Plasti Fantasti is a research and development venture of new and smart technologies for the use of recycled plastic. In the design, Amsterdam placed emphasis on using as few parts and materials as possible, as well as easy assembly and disassembly.

The result is a HIFI system consisting of a pair or active monitors and a turntable. The enclosures are made of sheets of colourful recycled HDPE and steel sheets. The products are assembled without glue, screws or additional connecting parts. They are only connected by geometric locks. Even the control buttons on the speakers are part of the case itself.

The project was nominated for the Green Product Award 2021.

Images via Green Product Award