A high end bag made of fine mycelium

MycoWorks, a company developing a mycelium-based alternative to animal leather, teamed up with French luxury fashion house Hermès to create a high-end handbag.

The first Fine Mycelium material MycoWorks developed, called Reishi, is different than most mycelium leathers which often consists of compressed mycelium. The process creates interlocking cellular structures, combining materials science and biotechnology. The material can be custom-grown to finetune the thickness and performance standards.

For their collaboration with Hermès, three years in the making, MycoWorks developed a new Fine Mycelium material called Sylvania. The material is tanned and finished in France by the Hermès tanners to further refine and strength and durability of the leather.

The resulting bag Victoria also contains canvas and calfskin.

Images: MycoWorks