A house made of rice

Italian start-up Rice House developed architectural products made of waste from rice processing.

Rice is the only bio-resource presents in all five continents and it is the food for two thirds of the world’s population. When processed, rice leaves behind husks and straw as a waste material.

Founded in 2016, the company aims to promote natural architecture by using by-products of rice processing. Their products include insulation materials and panels, screeds, plasters and paint, ventilated façade cladding, bricks, and even material for 3D printing. All products are 100% natural, formaldehyde free and made in Italy.

The products have high-performance thermal insulation, are inertia to combustion, high durability, and excellent acoustic insulation. They are also resistant to biological agents and mould attacks. In addition, the materials improve indoor comfort, humidity regulation and breathability of walls.

Photos: Rice House