A kinetic façade with mirroring ‘scales’

In a collaboration between González Serrano Studio+ and J-AF Architecture designed an installation with moving ‘scales’ made of laser-cut mirroring, transparent and translucent pieces.

Called “人: The Proscenium of Ephemeral Reflections”, the design of the installation won the international open call competition of the Festival des Architectures Vives in France. “人” (person) refers to origin of movement and rhythm, creative organism of art and beauty. “Proscenium” is a space between the public and the curtain (facade) in a theatrical performance.

The structure consists of a CNC-milled poplar plywood structure with eucalyptus finishing. The 572 ‘scales’ are made of mirroring, transparent and translucent pieces of laser-cut acrylic, which are attached to the structure with 3D printed recycled PLA pieces and screws. The pieces can move freely under the effect of the wind. The installation is lid up using LED lights.

Photos: Álvaro González Serrano / via V2com