A meandering bamboo pavilion

Chinese architectural studio LIN Architecture designed a meandering pavilion made entirely out of bamboo as a teaching project in joint participation and ecological construction.

Simply named Bamboo Pavilion, the structure is located on Chongming, a nature area consisting of farmland and rural fields that is popular amongst tourist near Shanghai.

The main focus of the project was to see how space can activate behaviour and become a social generator. According to the designers, “interactions between family members or strangers are realized by the space enticing people to break boundaries”. The wavy shape of the pavilion allows users to sit, relax, hide and interact with it. Thanks to its curved form, the pavilion offers multiple spatial experiences with internal pathways, sitting platforms, and floating walls that create shelter for users.

The studio created bamboo joints study and bamboo structure analysis to understand how the bamboo will come together and make curved movements. It took two weeks to realise the project, which is made entirely out of bamboo. With the help of professional workers, students were involved in the project from start to finish.

Photos: LIN Architecture via V2com