A ‘pavilion’ made of mist

Switzerland-based architectural studio in collaboration with Zurich based designer Stella Speziali developed a ‘pavilion’ using mist as an intangible, ephemeral material.

Called NEBOLOSUS, the ‘structure’s’ mist flows over more than 50 square metres of vegetation. The form is entirely dependent on the meteorological conditions.

During the day, clouds of vapour are in constant motion. After dark, the space is transformed into a digital phenomenon, thanks to projection mapping, generating a further kind of untouchable essence.

According to the studio, “beyond its function as a reminder of the impossibility, now more than ever, of controlling our climate, the unpredictability of NEBOLOSUS makes for a singular augmented-reality experience.”

The ‘pavilion’ was designed for the Zurich Design Biennale 2021 and can be visited daily until 5 September. It is located in the Old Botanical Garden in the centre of Zurich.