A phone case that sprouts plants after use

Called the iGreen cover, the iPhone case by retail iGreen Gadgets is made of a compostable material that contains seeds, and can be planted after use.

The vast majority of phone cases is made from various types of usually petrol-based plastic, often mixed types, which cannot be effectively recycled or reused, as each phone has a different size and shape.

The iGreen cover is the result of two years of materials research and development. The resulting material is based on cornstarch and provides strength and flexibility needed to protect the phone. Yet, the material is also fully compostable once it is in the soil.

The case, made in Italy, is available in three colours, which are naturally based. The colours correspond to the respective integrated seeds: green for basil, light blue for forget-me-nots, and yellow for daisies. The seeds help the material disintegrate, as they feed on the cornstarch, and the roots break the material down. It takes a few days for the seeds to sprout after the case is planted.

The phone case is available for the iPhone 13Pro, 14Pro, and 15Pro.

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