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A poncho made of recycled nylon that turns into a tent

As part of Nike’s ISPA Collection, the Metamorph Poncho is a multifunctional poncho that turns into a tent, and is made of recycled nylon fibres.

The poncho’s water-repellant material, recycled nylon, keeps its wearer dry. It can be adjusted through a series of straps and a main zipper. The garment functions as a poncho, but can be turned into a lightweight sunshade (a small tent) by laying it flat and inserting collapsible tentpoles. The vent cover doubles as a carrying bag for both the poncho and poles.

The poncho is made with at least 75 per cent recycled nylon fibres, which are derived from variety of materials, including recycled carpet and used fish nets. The nylon is cleaned, sorted, and converted into flakes before undergoing chemical or mechanical recycling processes to create new, recycled nylon yarns. According to Nike, the garment saves up to 50 per cent carbon emissions compared to the use of virgin nylon.

The poncho is part of Nike’s ISPA project, which stands for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt. The project aims to design for a circular economy. For another ISPA project, click here.

Photos: Nike