A scientific research centre made from sustainably sourced timber

Developed by a team of researchers and students of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Spain, FLORA is a scientific research facility built with timber from sustainable forest management.

Inspired by the work of the American biologist Margaret D. Lowman and her hanging walkways, IAAC has developed an installation that allows the observation of nature and the forest canopy of Barcelona, which can be adapted to any forest in the world.

The Forest Lab for Observational Research and Analysis (FLORA) is a mass timber structure located in Valldaura, situated in the central forest of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, the Collserola Natural Park. Measuring over 8.5 metres in height, the project was built from invasive pine trees sourced within the park through rigorous sustainable forest management and traceability procedures. Seventy trees were cut and processed by the students to create cross laminated timber panels, laminated beams, and solid wood elements.

FLORA will be used to house a researcher for a short period of time who will be studying the biodiversity of the park and utilizing its new weather station.

Photos: Valldaura Labs