A stool made of flax fibre composite

Design studio Studio Ryte designed a super lightweight experimental stool made of a flax fibre composite.

Called Triplex Stool, the stool is an experimental piece of furniture that “pushes the physical limits of a stool; from structure to weight; assembly process to after-life.” The stool is designed with a strategically curved geometry. The three parts it consists of are stackable, to encourage the owners to take the stool with them when they move, rather than throwing them away.

The stool is made of polylactic acid (PLA), reinforced with flax fibres. Both components are biodegradable.

The design was fine-tuned over the years and the current design, 4.0, was awarded the 2nd prize of the Salonesatellite Award 2023, out of 500 plus designers.

Photos: Studio Ryte