A stool made of sawdust and potato scraps

Swiss designer Renaud Defrancesco designed a stool made of solely sawdust and scraps of potatoes, which is designed to be used as fuel for fire after use.

Called the Briket stool, the piece of furniture is made only waste from the wood industry and potatoes, a natural component produced abundantly by the food industry. It is the result of experimental research on different types of waste in Defrancesco’s local industries with the aim to give them a new function.

The design of the stool was inspired by the production of pellets, and features nine legs. To make the stool, wood waste is compressed with potato scraps. The idea is that it can be produces anywhere where wood waste is abundant, from saw mills to carpentry shops. All it takes is a press to manufacture the stools on-site, giving wood waste a second life before its third and final use as fuel.

Photos: Renaud Defrancesco