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A vaulted gate made of bamboo lattice

Mumbai-based architectural studio atArchitecture designed the North East Commemorative Gate – 36th Surajkund Craft Mela, a vaulted gate made of bamboo lattice.

Designed as part of the Surajkund Craft Fair 2023, an annual festival that promotes Indian crafts and provides a platform for artisans, the gate was designed to pay tribute to the eight north-eastern states of India (NER). It is a testament to the tradition of bamboo construction, which is common in almost all of North-East India.

The bamboo lattice cube intersects the vault at an angle consistent with the existing road, giving the structure a dynamic form. 12 concrete columns which were already present on site were integrated so that eight freestanding columns represents each state’s history. The remaining four become part of the bamboo frame.

At the end of the fair, which lasts three weeks, the gate will be integrated into the public space, becoming a permanent framework open to all.

Photos: Avneesh Tiwari / atArchitecture