Acoustic design mycelium panels

Architectural firm Arup and Italian biodesign company Mogu teamed up to design what is said to be the world’s first mycelium acoustic panel system, called Foresta.

Acoustics are important in all interiors, especially in offices now that many people are returning to work. The panel system by Arup and Mogu is made of a mycelium biocomposite to offer an alternative to fossil-based materials.

Mycelium is the vegetative tissue of fungi. It is a fast-growing, completely renewable material that can be reused or composted at the end-of-life. Due to its soft and porous structure, mycelium has excellent acoustics. In addition, it is very lightweight.

The Foresta panel system consists of a modular framework so it can be adapted according to the need of the interior. Each module is grown by mushroom cultures on a substrate of agricultural waste materials, such as hemp chives and textile residue. The final bio-composite material contains no spores, supporting healthy and safe environments. . In the system, it is supported by a frame of regional beech wood. Businesses will be able to customise the panels by colour and texture, thanks to their modular design.

The panels are available in various colours, geometries and textures.

Photos: Mogu