Adaptable and circular 3D design façade from recycled plastic

Optimising the construction process and be circular are two important themes currently in the construction industry. Jumping aboard this ship, De Meeuw, a Dutch specialist company in flexible and circular construction, and Actual, the 3D label of the Amsterdam architect firm DUS Architects, are collaborating in a project to create 3D façades made from recycled waste. With 3D printing, they can adapt the design façade to the wishes and needs of the clients.

When a building is adjusted or repurposed, the façade is usually preserved, whether the new occupants like it or not, or completely destroyed. In a time in which buildings and homes are becoming more and more flexible and sustainable, the companies searched for a solution for façades, which are hard to recycle. This while keeping the buildings affordable, thanks to the digitalised process and the use of recycled materials.

The 3D façades are made from recycled materials, such as shampoo bottles. They can be recycled after 1, 5, 15, or 20 years and can be 100% be reused. Thus the building can get a new look every few years, without having to renovate. Because the façades are 3D printed, there is a lot of design freedom.

The first façades will be introduced early 2019.

Photos: De Meeuw