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Air purifying curtains clean indoor air

Furniture giant Ikea developed curtains treated with a special technology that clean indoor air by breaking down pollutants when they come into contact with light.

Air pollution is a global issue, and especially effects people in mega cities. Around 90 per cent of people worldwide breathe polluted air, according to WHO, and causes about 8 million deaths per year. Polluted air is not is not reserved for the outside world, however; indoor air is just as bad or even worse.

GUNRID, as Ikea’s curtains are called, aims to clean the air in people’s homes. Ikea developed the technology together with universities in Europe and Asia, as well as Ikea suppliers and innovators.

The textile of the curtains is treated with a mineral-based photo catalyst coating. The coating works similar to photosynthesis found in nature. The coating is activated by light, both natural and artificial, and starts breaking down common indoor air pollutants such as odours and formaldehyde. The technology can be applied to any fabric.

The curtains are a way to clean indoor air that does not takes up much space. Additionally, Ikea hopes people become more aware of air pollution and to inspire behavioural changes that contribute to a world of clean air.

The curtains will be available in Ikea stores next year.

With the Better Air Now initiative, Ikea earlier offered a solution to reuse rice straw, a rice harvesting residue that is traditionally burned and contributes to air pollution. Read more about this project here.

Photos: Ikea