All you want to know about Bamboo

Dr. Pablo van der Lugt has launched his website in which all of his 7-year bamboo research (MSc, PhD at Delft University of Technology) can now be downloaded.

Keywords in his research are Sustainability, LCA, Environmental assessment, Design, Product development and Commercialization. For centuries bamboo has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for almost all cultures in South Asia, Africa, Australia and South America, as it is the cheapest raw material for household articles such as furniture, musical instruments, houses, bridges and thousands of other applications.

Bamboo is a miracle plant by all accounts. Its many uses include erosion control, watershed protection, soil remediation, and environmental greening. Bamboo is the fastest growing timber plant on earth, with many applications as a wood substitute. Traditionally thought of as the poor man’s timber, bamboo has in recent years emerged as a much sought after timber for industrial applications and environmental enhancement.

Environmentally friendly technology
During the last decades, bamboo also started a real conquests in the rich west. Initially as a hardy garden plant, but using modern technology as a wood substitute for serious industrial use with environmentally friendly aspects. Bamboo panels, parquet floors and furniture are being used to decorate luxury homes, trendy and chic offices hunting boats. With expensive bamboo beam can not only your wealth, but also your commitment to the environment.

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