An acoustic panel made of mycelium

Amager-based designer Jonas Edvard in collaboration with Arup Engineers designed an acoustic panel and room divider made of mycelium.

Called Myx Sail / Floor, the project is based on years of mycelium research by Edvard. Arup assisted n looking deeper into sound absorbing. Utilising this shared research base, Edvard has designed his mycelium panels to absorb sound frequencies between 200 – 2500hz, the standard range at which humans talk and interact.

The result is a panel mounted on a wooden frame that can also function as a room divider. To make the panel, the mycelium is grown on a mixture of plant fibres in a predesigned mould. The 1m x 1m panel demonstrates the structural abilities of the composite biomaterial as the final form is both flexible yet rigid. The modular design of the prototype aims to highlight how the inherent properties of these organic materials can be integrated into our homes and work spaces.

The project was presented as part of The Mindcraft Project 2023, a platform for explorative and experimental design from Denmark.

Photos: Anders Sune Berg