An air purifier powered by algae

UK-based design practice EcoLogicStudio an indoor photobioreactor capable of absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants while oxygenating the air, powered by algae.

Called AIReactor, the air purifier consists of a 1 metre tall laboratory grade glass container, supported by birch plywood components The glass container hosts up to 10 litres of living photosynthetic microalgae cultures. The algae are constantly stirred to simulate the effects of waves and currents in the marine environment.

Air is introduced at the base of the reactor, which causes bubbling to keep the algae afloat. The product has the same carbon capturing potential of a mature tree and it’s engineered to be an actual carbon neutral product in its entire life cycle.

In addition to air purifying, the device also allows you to harvest up to 7 grams of dry algae per day.

AlReactor is part of EcoLogicStudio’s first collection of biophilic design products, which also includes a compostable stool and a 3D printed jewel made of re-metabolised pollution.

Photos: EcoLogicStudio