AnZa home espresso machine made from concrete and Corian

With 2017 coming to an end, we take a look at some of the most interesting projects of this year in various sectors. Today: a concrete or Corian espresso machine. For many of us, functioning is hard without a cuppa Joe in the morning. There is little that beats a home-made fresh brew of espresso, cappuccino, or however you like your java. Treating an espresso machine like a sculpture, the Anza home espresso machine is made from materials more commonly found in (interior) design: concrete and Corian.

AnZa is a collaboration between design studio Studio Montaag and espresso machine repair shop Kanen Coffee, sharing a space in Berkeley, California. They decided to create an espresso machine made from unconventional materials, because so little has changed in the aesthetics of espresso machines.

The device is available in two versions: concrete and white Corian, a countertop material. The concrete version offers Brutalist overtures and white ceramic accents, combined with Corian, black steel and glass. In Corian, the machine consists of the countertop material, brass, wood, white steel, and glass.

While the materials might be unconventional for the use in espresso machines, AnZa is technically not unique. According to the designers, “both models offer the same streamlined user-experience, resulting in a beautifully pulled espresso shot.”

The machine was released after four years of testing and refinement. This year, the project was funded in full through Kickstarter.

Watch how to make a cup of espesso in the video below!

Photos: AnZa