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Asphalt made with recycled tire waste

UK construction materials company Tarmac developed a new rubberised asphalt using recycled waste tires.

Each year, 40 million waste tires become available in the UK alone. In order to reuse the growing pile of synthetic rubber, Tarmac developed new technology capable of recycling end-of-life tires into roads.

The granulated rubber is mixed into the asphalt, reusing up to 750 tires for every kilometre of highway surfaced with the new material. This could help reduce 120,000 tonnes of rubber waste from the UK, which would normally be exported.

Brian Kent, technical director at Tarmac, says: “While plastic recycling has attracted media headlines, used tyres remain a significant and overlooked waste stream and our new innovative rubber modified asphalts offer a more sustainable option for our industry and the environment.”

As part of recent trials of the new material, Tarmac supplied asphalt with rubber in Coventry.

Photo: Tarmac