Bakery Fuses Traditional and Modern Materials

A traditional Polish bakery created a very modern interior effect using old baking sheets for wall decor and lamp fixtures. Rather than using standard white ceramic wall tiles, the dark patina of the baking sheets lends a rich texture and sharp material contrast against the surrounding wood counter and traditional black-and-white tile mosaic floor.

The Doppio Cafe Bistro/Batkowscy is a family owned bakery founded in 1927. The bakery’s owner collaborated with Mode:line to develop this dynamic fusion of modern and traditional materials.

Discussing their material inspirations for the bakery, the architects had this to say:

“The meeting with centenarian story of this family’s craftsmanship was a huge inspiration for the new interior design. An aroma of fresh bread, huge ovens and old worn out baking sheets made it clear that the fusion of tradition and modern design is the answer.”


Photos were taken by Marcin Ratajczak.