Bamboo House

This unique house with a second skin of bamboo is one of the first to be Passivhaus certified in the Ile de France region.

Designed by Karawitz Architecture, the house is closed to the north and oriented to take advantage of the sun with a wall of windows to the south and the installation of solar cells. What is particularly unique in terms of sustainable design however is the second skin of bamboo panels that open and close over the outside walls and windows, protecting the home against hot summer temperatures and helping to insulate the house during cooler weather. Aesthetically, the second skin of untreated bamboo, which becomes grey over time, draws inspiration from traditional barns in this region of France.

The house’s structure and interior finish is composed of large panels of solid wood panels, which have been prefabricated in a workshop. This wood contrasts against exposed duct work and metal elements that give the house an industrial edge, while still maintaining a cozy feel.