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Barbie dolls and Lego bricks made of recycled plastic

Mattel, the mother company of Barbie, unveiled a collection called Barbie Loves the Ocean, consisting of dolls made of 90 per cent recycled plastic, while Lego Group unveiled a prototype of a Lego brick made of recycled plastic.

The Barbie Loves the Ocean line consist of three dolls, the bodies of which are made from 90 per cent recycled ocean-bound plastics. Mattel says that the plastic is sourced within 50 km of waterways in areas lacking formal waste collection systems. The dolls come with clothing and accessories also made from recycled materials. The line includes three playsets, with a lounge chair, volleyball net and a shack, amongst other things.

In 23 June, Lego Group announced they developed a prototype Lego brick made from recycled plastic. The brick is made from PET plastic from discarded bottle and is the first brick made from a recycled material.

Over the past three years, materials scientists and engineers tested over 250 variations of PET materials and hundreds of other plastic formulations. The result is a prototype that meets several of their quality, safety and play requirements – including clutch power.

On average, a one-litre plastic PET bottle provides enough raw material for ten 2 x 4 LEGO bricks.

It will be some time before the recycled bricks will be sold in stores, since more testing is required.

Earlier, Lego announced Lego elements made of biobased plastic, made from sugarcane. Read more about it here.

Photos: Mattel / Lego