Bathing Ceremony by Kanami Takeda

Bathing Ceremony by Kanami Takeda Ceramics is a series of ceramic pieces that brings a new concept and materiality to European bathing culture. From this project she developed special tiles which explore different relief designs as well as the unique ability of clay to appeal to the senses and create a special atmosphere in the bathroom.

After a shower, the first tile in the series is made of a smooth clay that absorbs excess water and changes colour while drying your feet. The second tile has an exfoliating surface to scrub your foot. The third tile features a relief design that offers a foot massage.

“I see the bathroom as a separated world,” says Takeda, a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. “The bathroom is a place where you can forget about the real world and be totally yourself as when you were a child.”

The rich materiality of these tile designs helps one to explore this separated world, and come back to the real world refreshed.