Beautiful Colour Palettes Based the Year’s Most Popular Colours

Trouble with colour? Milan-based creative director Duminda Perera of Dumma Branding has created a series of colour palette posters with lovely colour combinations based on the most popular colours of 2015.

Not only beautiful to look at but also handy, this series of colour combinations called the ‘Minimalist Color Palette’ is intended to generate colour ideas for your next project – be it the design of your studio, office, home, a new textile or tile, graphics project or digital image. The palette comes with Hex Codes and Free Swatch Exchange 8 ASE Color Schemes Files for Ai & Photoshop.

Perera explains that the posters are not packed with photo-maipulated images, but rather take colour at its simplest so that it is broken down simple way, hence the title ‘Minimal Color Palette. Perera sees minimalism as an ongoing trend, “Since 2011, flat design and minimalist branding didn’t stop to spread in graphic innovations,’ he says.

The Italian agency Dumma Branding is specialized since their founding in visual ideas. Originally from Sri Lanka, their creative director Duminda Perera has a traditional graphic design background with over 16 years of experience in industry.