Bicicletto: soon to be 3D printed e-bike

Bicicletto is an already existing e-bike by the Italian company Nuova Società Piemontese Automobil, but now the company will collaborate with Belgium-based Materialise, a global leader in additive manufacturing software and solutions, to create a new version of the vehicle. The new Bicicletto will feature additive manufactured end-use parts that make it lighter, faster, and more cost-efficient to produce.

Bicicletto is a sleek, fully electric bicycle with elements that resemble a motorcycle, or, to use the words of the manufacturer, “[blends] the motorbike attitude and the bicycle spirit”.

The automotive industry has been an early adopter of additive manufacturing and a major driver of growth for the technology ever since. As an e-bike, however, Bicicletto stands out in this group.

The new 3D printed parts will make the bicycle lighter and faster. In addition, 3D printing the parts cuts waste as well as production costs. According to Materialise, for additive manufacturing to bring high end-use parts to a premium e-bike like this, it takes more than 3D printing facilities. The parts need to be made by expert engineers. After they have been produced, they need to go through rigorous quality control.

This partnership will allow Nuova to develop new projects both for two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. In particular, 3D printing will help the realisation of an off-road electric bicycle, which could be considered a new version of Bicicletto, and of a quadricycle. For Materialise, the partnership provides an opportunity to continuously meet higher industry standards at its certified additive manufacturing facility. In doing so, they will strengthen the role of additive manufacturing in automotive production.

Photos: Nuova Società Piemontese Automobil