A bicycle made of recycled coffee capsules

Swedish bicycle and lifestyle brand Vélosophy partnered with coffee brand Nespresso to create a bicycle made of recycled Nespresso coffee capsules.

Aluminium is a material that generates a lot of waste and pollution to make, but once it’s there, it is relatively easy to recycle. In fact, it is a material that does not deteriorates when it is recycled, like is often the case with materials like paper or plastic. Aluminium can, theoretically, be used infinitely.

Nespresso’s coffee capsules are made mostly from aluminium, and the brand offers a recycling programme.

Vélosophy used these capsules to design the Re:Cycle bicycle. The purple frame is inspired by arpeggio, said to be the company’s favourite Nespresso coffee. Even the bell is shaped like a Nespresso capsule. The bike also features a steam-bent oak carrier basket, which “includes two cup holders, so you can take your coffee to go.”

“RE:CYCLE is a daily reminder that every small action we take can set off a process,” Vélosophy states on their website. “Even something as small as recycling a coffee capsule can set a chain of re-creation in motion.”