Biobased roof tiles and cooling terracotta

With the project Lo-Hi, Studio SKLIM combines low tech and high tech solutions to create hybrid solution, namely biocomposite roof tiles with custom solar panels and a terracotta cooling system.

According to the studio, the project is “all about leveraging the best of both worlds – embracing high and low technologies to craft innovative hybrid solutions that are not only efficient and sustainable but also address pressing environmental issues and improve human living conditions.” It demonstrates the potential for sustainable solution to contemporary challenges by combining primitive materials with modern and ancient technology.

The project consists of two main building material systems. The first, called Ke-Sol System (KSS), uses the strength of Kenaf fibres in lightweight, biocomposite roof tiles. The tiles are integrated with monocrystalline solar panels that can be tilted.

The second part of the project, the Terra-Cooling System (TCS) uses the natural properties of terracotta. It is inspired by ancient refrigeration (Zeer pots) and irrigation (Olla Pots) techniques. The structure consists of two modules. One of them, called Hex, turns hot air cool, while Tri serves as a water tank. The design uses the natural cooling properties of terracotta, an optimized air and water flow and the cooling effect driven by water evaporation. TCS forms a wall system capable of reducing air temperatures by an impressive 6.5 degrees Celsius.

Photos: Ong Chan Hao / Arun K R / Studio SKLIM